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Why have my Freesat channels gone missing

Why have my Freesat channels gone missing
Have you seen that some of the channels on your Freesat program have gone?

Indeed! I hear you cry.

In which have they gone, and will I ever get them back?

Effectively if you’ve been seeking for the reply, then I’m satisfied to say we have it listed here. You see above the previous week or so a assortment of complex alterations have been getting spot with the satellite transponders which are dependable for broadcasting individuals missing channels. The servicing perform was carried out among the 2nd to the 10th of October 2013.

Now, with that perform getting finished individuals missing channels will now be obtainable once again.

Ok, then, why can not I see them now, given that the perform has been accomplished?

Effectively, permit me aid you out. If your channels are missing from your Tv set guidebook, then there are a couple of items you’ll want to do in buy to get them back.

1. Put your Freesat box or Freesat Tv set in standby mode for a minute, then switch it back on once again, and for some of you the program will instantly reboot and locate individuals missing channels. Or not.

2. If that hasn’t mounted it, then you will have to retune your digibox or Freesat Tv set. This will suggest going into techniques, and carrying out a channel scan if that alternative is there or executing an install, which fundamentally implies you will get your box to install all the channels once again just like when you very first acquired it.

If grappling with your Freesat program is a bit also significantly for you, then give us a get in touch with on 0800 433 4918 and we can ship an engineer out to retune your Freesat program.

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